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IFLY Oakville, Ontario, Toronto

Year                               2014

Location                       Toronto, Canada

Team                            James Lalonde

Budget                         $5,200,000

Photographs             Pierre Babin

IFLY Oakville est  The only project in Ontario to offer the experience of free fall.

The central element: a cylindrical tube 14 feet in diameter and 45 feet high installed vertically. Inside the latter, moves a column of air which has a power of 175 km/hour.

The architectural challenge of this project was to cconceive a building of a particular volume and integrate it into a place of high visibility in the Toronto region. Our mandate was to simplify the design of the building while respecting the budget imposed by the client. IFLY Oakville is the result of close collaboration with subcontractors. It was a work of adapting methods and simplifying details in order to respect the given budget. An additional challenge was to adapt to the requirements of the province of Ontario in terms of accessibility and site planning.

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