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James Lalonde

Senior Architect

Senior architect in private practice since 1988 with significant experience in the design and execution of a wide range of buildings, including construction management and project development.

Extensive experience working in offices and on construction sites, working with building trades. Individual and team work of architects and engineers, as well as with other professionals. Expertise in multidisciplinary team management with a wide range of skills, including design, IT and detailed knowledge of building codes.

Diplomatic, excellent communicator and with a good sense of humor. Highlights teamwork and ensures that customer needs are at the heart of projects.

Benjamin Heron

M. Arch, Intern

Benjamin is interested in parametric design and the concept of simplicity out of complexity.''I believe that creativity is part of the heart of human identity. Making and thinking are fundamental elements of what is noble in human nature. The discipline of architecture combines the activities of making and thinking. The rational creator prints the trace of intelligence in the clay of our beautiful earth. My goal in architecture is to improve the material world by making it more beautiful and orderly. I seek to achieve this objective through a balanced and rational design.''


Mohammad Jalal

M. Arch, Intern

Mohammad seeks the balance between the artistic and technical aspects of architecture in creating spaces by composing the contextual layers and trends in industry and technology. I perceive architecture and engineering as instruments through which we sculpt the essence of our environment, or in another perspective, our being. This sculpture can elicit emotional responses and simultaneously meet the needs of users. So, over the years, I have sought to discover different aspects of projects to understand the procedures, from conceptualization to construction." Mohammad, in his continuous evolution, pursues sustainable methodologies to enrich his work and make it respectful of the environment.

Elif Kurkcu

M.Arch, Intern

Elif has an interest in residential architecture and the creation of human-centered designed spaces. She finds her inspiration in creations that favor contextual elements, particularly with regard to culture and unity. As a future architect, Elif hopes to work on inspiring and meaningful architecture that is unique to its users and spaces that create unique values. His residential architectural interests include contemporary materials, sustainable design and new construction techniques.

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