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Rivard Residence

Year                              2023

Location                      Montreal, Quebec

Team                           James Lalonde

Budget                        $1,050,000

Photographs             Zaiheng Tom Liang

The Marie-Anne residence, located in the Plateau Mont-Royal district of Montreal, is made up of two housing units: a main single-family house and a studio in the semi-basement. The wooden frame structure is clad in black brick. The dwelling is an infill building within the tight urban fabric created by its century-old neighbors. As such, the architect had to respect the context, while bringing a touch of innovative modernity. This can be seen in the front elevation, where the misalignment of adjoining brick facades left and right offered the opportunity for a composition of two brick planes sliding past each other, with openings bridging the 'difference. Particular attention has been paid to the choice of materials, finishes and meticulous details in the interior design. The project was designed by promoting the themes of family and parenthood. It is a home that was designed for and by the family. It communicates, through the choice of its materials, strength in symbiosis with softness. The dark gray exterior brick signifies safety, while the black steel contributes to the impression of calm power. This project also responds to the density constraints of the Mont-Royal district by reinterpreting the structure of the conventional duplex.  The superposition of a single-family house on a bachelor-type dwelling is a vision allowing to transform a two or more dwelling lot in a flexible, unique and inclusive multi-generational configuration. This single-family housing project represents a friendly and harmonious space, spacious and grandiose, but unpretentious, which meets the needs of a small family in a multigenerational space.

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